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Government courses for Thai people, Massage, Hairdresser etc.

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Hi all,

I all I am living in Khon Kaen with my Thai girlfriend. I am 65, she is 50 years old. She suggested that she might take a massage course only to give me a better massage.

We have a friend that has just taken a massage course, I think 4 courses at a private massage shop, I am not sure but I think taking a total of 4 weeks. She paid over 20,000 baht.

We have just visited a government run education place and my girlfriend obtained all the details.

My girlfriend does not always explain things well and we had quite a discussion. She has just told me that the massage course would cost just 700 baht, the course would last for 3 months and she would attend 5 days each week. So as a rough calculation lets say 12 weeks = 60 days ........ so just 12 baht per day.

She also said that in Bangkok the course would be free.


Can anyone please help me, is the above true? Can Thai people go on such government courses at very low costs or free.


Any help much appreciated.

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