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30 Hours Teaching a week, Kindergarden, 32k Salary, Opinions

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You immediately lost me at "offered a job from an agency." If you hold the qualifications to teach then pound the ground and find yourself a job. I have NEVER heard a teacher say "I sure am glad I used an agency" and MANY MANY complaints about them.


My post is probably too late, the hiring frenzy is almost at an end. There IS a Facebook group "Teaching Jobs In Thailand" that I've found to be decent with many job offers. As well, I've heard Ajarn.com is another good source.  Good luck!

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30 teaching hours is a nightmare. 15 to 18 max. 30k a month.

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On 5/21/2018 at 5:16 PM, hydraides said:

I actually attempted to try out the  job today 


the hours are 8.30 am - 2.30 (Last lessons finishing 2.30 pm and then marking/lesson planning 3.30 pm  ........its 30 periods but the first 4 lessons are only 45 minutes each .....the 2 classes in the afternoon are 1 hour each


So its six classes in a row, five days a week , mon-fri


I don't have to move classroom, the class has computer/projector and air conditioning


But its non stop teaching all day, everyday and it might become too much.


What do you think now,  run now before things get more complicated?

I've taught little kids, but never so many hours a week. Please do yourself a big favor and stop that. You can't be surrounded by little kids for so long, it will drive you crazy, believe me.


  Try not to sign up with an agency, create a good resume and go from school to school in your preferred area and I'm certain that you'll find a job.


  You can't really call that teaching, for kids that age you've got to be a clown all day long. It's way more stress to teach the little ones than teaching at a high school.


   Find a job where you're directly working for the school with max. 20 hours/ week, not more. But that must include all paid breaks, holidays and they have to get you into the Thai SS.


  Should you not find a job and be interested in working for an agency at a good high school, please page me and I'll get you in touch with the HRM. The rest is your business, I'm not a headhunter. 



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