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Best Way To Send Money?

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Open 2 accounts with a bank who will allow you to transfer money between the 2 totaly free of charge. The first of the accounts is the one where you will deposit your hard earned cash into, and then online you can transfer amounts over to your gf's account in an instant without cost. It's best to give the gf a CASH card and not a debit card and make sure you dont allow an overdraft either. :o

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3 or more solutions :

1. Farang Country account & send ATM card - in UK Nationwide is the best (if you get joint account then you can have spare card to easily send again/use yourself)

2. 2 Thai bank accounts

Kasiakorn is the best - accounts need to be in same thai geographic area - also you can get money in cheaply with paypal - transfer money to other account whe you want through inet banking

3. Paypal - your thai recipient will need a credit card and a bank account. Create a thai paypal account for your recipient. Get validated with theit credit card so no restrictions on account. You send money from your farang paypal account to the thai paypal account. Then you can withdraw to their bank account.

Generally money transfer services and prepaid atm cards are a ripoff.

There are someother solutions but there is a greater risk for the sender as the amount withdrawn can be over the amount you want them to have - ie using credit cards with no conversion charges and putting them into credit - it is not possible to prevent more then the credit being withdrawn so you will pay interest on the amount you are in debt. There is 1 uk card and 1 austrailian card i am aware of that can do this.

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