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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 01:17

RTP: Start fining drunk drivers up to 200,000 baht!

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Now the going rate is 10,000 - 20,000 THB over the counter without any receipt for white foreigners. So this is just to increase to 30,000 - 50,000 THB. The reality: This makes a lot of sense, because cmon, face it, the pain for such a thing has a higher price tag than 10k.


And to the big mouths saying Thais pay a lot less: A lot of Thais going to a holding cell for some days to face the court and in the western societies these holding cells are a violation of human rights. So, if you are keen, just drink and drive, don't pay the otc rate and they will surely take you to one of these.

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45 minutes ago, BEVUP said:


What happens when they just turn around & say have no money (like they do when in an accident )


They get locked up. 

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46 minutes ago, jaltsc said:

"He wants to see this increased to at least 100,000 baht and possibly even 200,000 baht in serious cases."


Sounds like an easy way for police to increase their bribes to 50,000 baht. That is, if it were a corrupt country, and not an honorable and honest nation like Thailand.

You are absolutely correct. From first hand experience, the current going rate is about 15k. If this talk reaches the finest of the bunch in Pattaya, BKK and Phuket, there will be surely a lot more topics like "got busted for drunk driving and could not pay 50k and now being hold in a cell (but they did not take my mobile phone)" at TV.

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