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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 00:01

No pool shop near your

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No  well stocked pool shop  near you?

Heavy rain dilutes your  water with  all its  precious  chemicals.

Consider stocking  up  with your  pool  supplies from  our  online store

Largest  range of chemicals in  the country. Excellent  prices. Fast shipping. Low shipping  costs.

Don't  hesitate  to  contact  us for  advice.


Still using  a salt  water chlorinator?

Check  out  our new, extremely  economical chlorine-free UV systems

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47 minutes ago, 4evermaat said:

Do you stock DE (diatomaceous earth)


If so, what is the smallest quantity that you offer? 


Where is your Chumphon office located? 

See: http://swimmingpoolsthailand.com/en/filter-media/132-diatomaceous-earth-de-powder.html

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