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Another price increase for wine, it's getting silly now.

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It would seem as if the tax increases are now fully biting on even the wines with added fruit juice, albeit after a bit of an hiatus.


If you work it out, this new price equates to around 250 baht for normal 750 mL bottle of the stuff, so in relative terms is not that expensive. But of course it is expensive if you are paying for a mixture of wine and fruit juice!


I've given up trying to compare the price of wine here with the prices back in Australia and New Zealand, because it's a thankless task, and depressing at that!!!


Luckily I'm still sourcing Australian wines here at around 369 baht a bottle (The Lyrup) although one has to look at the smaller outlets for this and others like it.

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6 minutes ago, tomas557 said:

That must be either ages ago or very old stock. 3 litres of mont clair is now 1115 baht.

It was yesterday.

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There are now newish cheap end brands that has fully imported no-fruit juice (non-orange tax lable) wines from Australia and France that works out at sub 300 baht per bottle, some even have big 2 litre size bottle too, works out cheaper than the likes of Mont Claire now


Looks like the wines with fruitjuice loopholes is closed for good


Still wondering if Thai authorities will consider wine with added 'grape juice' as one of the fruit wine category ?

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