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Phangna Unveils New Popular Tourist Attractions

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Phangna unveils new popular tourist attractions

Phangna (พังงา) Governor Vinai Buapraditre (วินัย บัวประดิษฐ์) revealed that beach at Koie (เคย) Gulf and Nui (นุ้ย) Gulf have been drawing much attention from tourists.

According to reports, tourists have been seeking flocking to the two gulfs and have been holding parties, particularly the full moon night parties.

Mr. Vinai said that the 2004 Tsunami had washed the gulf shore; however the beaches now have recuperated and the State has put efforts in developing the beaches.

Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 31 January 2007

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To see or download mini-video, go to http://www.thaisnews.com/news_detail.php?newsid=203382

Ao Khoei and Ao Nui Bays & beaches of Kuraburi district, in Phang Nga, have beautiful scenery and the authority is promoting them to become new tourist attractions of the Andaman coast, according to Phang-Nga governor Winai Buapradit. Ao Khoei was slightly destroyed by the tsunami but it has now become a new meeting place for tourists from around the world who love quiet nature. One group called “Krob Krua Sairung” or the Rainbow Family, like to come here. They hold simple vegetarian activities and gatherings under the moon-light. The governor stated that his office supports the promotion of these two beaches to be new attractions of Phang Nga and has assigned personnel to keep watch on the safety and convenience of tourists for the good image of the province.

Andaman News TV11 (VHF dial) + Radio Thailand FM90.5 Phuket City, both broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces, 8.30am & later on Phuket Cable channel 1, Monday 29 January 2007 & www.Thaisnews.com { Our news text and mini-videos can be freely copied and posted on other websites, but please give credit to Andaman News TV11 Phuket}

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