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Sex toys usage on the rise in Thailand

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Sex toys usage on the rise in Thailand




Voice TV reported an apparent rise in sex toy usage in Thailand.

They spoke to a woman - unnamed because sex toys are in fact illegal in Thailand - who runs a website that is doing a roaring trade in dildos, plastic vaginas, penis rings, sex dolls and other aids.

In the video - that we are unable to show here as it goes against Google's guidelines on adult content - the woman spoke of sex aids being today's sought after product especially for men away from their wives who didn't want to be unfaithful with a living doll. 

"They are selling like hot cakes," said the woman. "Men, women....people of all genders can't get enough.

"And these are ordinary people in their right mind - not sex fiends".

She said that such purchases were considered normal abroad - there are shops selling sex toys in many high streets. There is little or no stigma.

Items range from as little as a few hundred baht to thousands. 

Voice said that the website had 63,000 Thai followers indicating that sex toy usage was surely going up. 

"Many of our customers are concerned about sexual health," the website owner added. "People are worried that if they are unable to satisfy their partners they might dump them".

Voice even used the Thai word for climax and the English word "orgasm" in their story indicating that discussion of the subject was no longer taboo according to Thai social mores.

While accepting that many Thais have been familiar with sex toys for some time, usage is on the rise despite the toys being illegal, they added. 

They noted that they were certainly safer than cigarettes and many were sold openly in markets in Thailand. 

Source: https://voicetv.co.th/read/Hyk2IBHl7

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-6-7
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