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Monsoon Starting Yet?

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Hi all -

I'm trying to decide weather to go to Koh Phi Phi or the area for some diving and dive courses for some friends. But I would like to know if the rains have started yet and destroyed the "visibility". If anyone knows, or knows where I copuld get that info, please soeak up!



[email protected]

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I am interested too, I will be there late june, and I am little bit worried about it. I have been in krabi many times, but almost always in peak season with fine weather. Only once I have in krabi in rainy season, was in august 2002, and It was like the ######, in railey, in the west coast was not posible to use boats, only in the east cost. The sea was to rough, and swimm and snorkel was almost imposible



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I'll put a couple of links here which might help the budding armchair weather forecasters amongst us.

I find the Singapore meterological site APP.NEA.GOV is quite good, explore their links on regional weather, satellite images, or just click ASEAN latest image for the latest colourised satellite image of the region.

If you're feeling adventurous, Thailand's Meteorological Dept's TMD Weather Charts page has regular synoptic charts.

Good luck.

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The rain is here in triplicate, such a great time of the year.

It has rained here for the last 24 hours, it is dark outside and the breezes are great. Best time of the year in my opinion. :D

I took this streaming video of the weather, please look at avatar :o

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I can't believe how much rain we're getting in Krabi atm, it's so dark and wet it's just like being back in the UK. Went over to Samui last weekend and the weather was great, hot but not too hot and just the odd shower.

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Hi guys,

My family is coming the last week of october visiting me in LOS. I live in bgkk and never have had yet the opportunity to visit the South.

I am hesitating between Ko Phi-Phi and Ko Samui. I would like to know in which island the weather would be the best between these 2 islands during this period (late october and beginning of nov). Also, my parents have already stayed at Ko Phi-Phi and it's my father's dream to go to Ko Samui but I have been told that Phi-Phi is less touristic, more beautifull and still preserved comparing Samui.

What do you think about it?



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PhiPhi less touristy??? Who told you about that nonsense? Imho, PhiPhi is crowded with tourists and the prices are far too high.

Ever thought about islands such as KoLanta and a simple day trip to PhiPhi (which will proove my opinion)???

Yes, I thought Phi-Phi was less touristy. :o

Glad to hear it's not before having booked anything.


Ko Lanta seems a good idea. But what about the weather (late october)?

is it possible to dive during this season?


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about the diving:

I guess, SeaVisionBurma will give you EXPERT answers....

have been diving around KoLanta (south) in june this year.

visibility ok, not a lot of coral to see but nice fish & turtle (but maybe i was just lucky)

got a dive in PhiPhi too .... visibility: close to zero and 13 (!) individual dive groups around the spot ... not worth any money paid...

Imho, if you do have weather probs simply hop on a bus and change location (Samui and diving around KoTao will be some 6 hours to go)


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