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djungle near chiangmai


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my family will come to Chiangmai next month. There are 2 children, 6 and 10 years old. They want to see the djungle.

I don't thing they want to explore for days. Just get an impression. Does anybody know how to do this?

I heard about "flight of the gibbon" in Mae Rim. But they have to start early in the morning and it takes a whole day.

We plan to go to the elefant camp and the waterfall in Mae Rim anyway.

We will use our own car or hire a minivan.

Help and advice is appreciated.

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River rafting in Mae Wang gives a good impression of northern Thai jungle. Never failed for our European teen visitors.
Or ask in the villages close to "Flight of the Gibbon" for a guided jungle hiking tour. Most youngsters over there grew up in the forest and some of them speak understandable English.
Friendly Khun Prim, owner of the Than Thong Lodge (https://www.tharnthonglodge.com/) should be able to assist you finding a reliable local guide. You won't regret to have dinner at her wonderful (jungle) place in return ...

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