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How can schools keep farangs from leaving?


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2 hours ago, Loaded said:

They may listen but I'm sure what they are thinking is that you are arrogant. They have employed you; you signed an employment contract; they provide your visa and work permit, but you complain that they won't rearrange classes, and hence the whole university teaching schedule, for you so that you can teach online for another company/school (without the appropriate listing in your work permit for this work).


Where does it say in Thai Labor Law that you don't have to work these hours? I'm interested as this will close down all language school's if true.



At a guess, I'd assume that he means he doesn't legally need to work those hours as they are outside of the hours agreed upon in his contract.

Afterall, if he signed a document agreeing to work those hours, then he wouldn't be complaining when they actually asked him to do so.

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