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Buying Cd's In Tachilek

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I bought two double albums recently in Tachilek. Only one of the four CD's was what it claimed to be. The Chinese chumps who make the copies are good at copying labels, but they don't know one type of music from another, or else they got their filing systems screwed up. In particular, I bought a 2-CD "Hawaiian" mix, and not one of the 3 dozen tunes was remotely Hawaiian. On a 'Los Lobos' 2-CD set (by the way they are the BEST R&R band, period.) one of the two was Santana, which was Ok, except I prefer Los Lobos, and that's who was pictured on the label.

You might try opening each package and playing a bried sampling at the store. The vendors are nice. They've told me that if there are any quality problems with any CD's or DVD's to bring them back for refund/exchange.

As you may already know: any electronic stuff you buy in Tachilek will PROBABLY be very low quality, regardless of whether it says Sony or Panasonic or whatever. That's because, the lower quality reproductions out of China wind up in places like Tachilek. They're even too low-quality for the low-quality tolerant Chinese. Tachilek is the backwater of backwaters. I like it though, as I'm a rather 'backwater' kind of guy myself.

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