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Queuing system via smart phone set to make immigration matters in Chonburi easier

Jonathan Fairfield

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18 hours ago, digger70 said:

Very stupid idea,,, A lot of people including Me use a phone for phone calls Nothing else, Not Paying for internet on phone just to use for crap like this,,, My  Phone is to small to use properly for that kind of stuff   I have a Small  smart phone so can't use it for that, Fingers are too big.

Likewise use a phone for phone calls Nothing else, Not Paying for internet on phone that cannot even see to read the screen, at home my PC monitor is 39"  that I can see, but will not fit in my pocket.

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On 6/23/2018 at 4:38 AM, smedly said:

people are being profiled, every invite to a mobile app usually has some sinister motive, everyone sort of goes - oh well that is good, but the average person doesn't really know what ….. saying yes means


we have finger print - facial recognition - apps that need to access your personal stuff on you phone and most people have no clue what they are agreeing too


If your government said we - we are going to fingerprint everyone and take a picture of your face ……. would you agree to that, people need to be aware of what is going on as regards to privacy, your face - your fingerprints, oh yeah cool I can open my phone with my finger print, you have forever given that away, and I might add - that everyone thinks Cloud storage of your personal data is someone doing you a favor, it is definitely not, if you think your stuff is private...……….it isn't


I worked in IT and I am fighting losing battle to keep stuff I want private to remain private, cloud storage lol - the first thing I disable...……..…...but no matter how I try it is probably not disabled, we had focus on facebook  for a while these last few months - the problem is that the people who are asking questions - the government bodies that are looking into this stuff are so far behind that they really have no clue


Try logging into facebook with cookies disabled in your browser, you can't, cookies (sounds nice, those nice little cookies)  are the greatest invasion of your privacy that you will ever not understand, if I said that everything you do....every website you visit ….is being recorded - yes that button push that you think is private ….. it is not, and lets take that a step further, your mobile device, take a long hard look at what you install and what permissions (your mobile device (smartphone) is not private, google - facebook are recording everything you do, if a government was to do it you would be extremely angry yet it is ok for these companies to do it because most people don't understand what is going on and governments have no clue either because they have been taken over by technology that they don't understand or can legislate for


Go ahead and wonder why an app wants permission to look at you contacts - phone calls - location - internet etc


I refuse to let them near my phone, if I see an application that wants all this stuff then it gets a very big middle finger


Not saying that this immigration app is doing that as I have never looked at it - my guess is that it will be looking for a lot more than making an appointment

Good point 

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