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I realize there is LOT of info provided on tv re Schengen visa. I have taken effort to read but would appreciate any advice. I wish to assist my Thai partner obtain a schengen visa. Problem is I'm an Australian national not a citizen of European country. We have lived together in bkk for last six yrs. She has had 3 tourists to Au and several trips to Japan. We would like to visit Europe. Any country would do. Prague city if I had a choice. My question. Is it possible to sponsor her and secondly is it possible to do application ourselves or better off with a visa agent. Thank you very much in advance. Jack

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The Schengen rules (EU visa code) allow for this to be up to the each individual member state to set tje requirements and conditions for sponsorship and/or private accommodation. Generally the members require that the host (sponsor, private accommodator) lives in the country or is a national of the country.


But i did not not check the exact conditions of all member states, so i would not know what the Czech require. But most likely you will be better of or forced to show that she has access to sufficient funds (which is also different for each member state: can be say 20-100 euros per person per day). If there can be no doubt that the money is (also) here and that she has complete access to it in Europe and there are no red flags (large unexplainee sudden money transfers which can indicate having borrowed money or other nasty things such as trafficking) she should be fine. 


It's her who has to do the application but ofcourse she and you would be wise to write a short letter (1 A4) to explain the purpose of travel, your relationship, reasons to return and other matters that you think the visa officer needs to know such as financial matters. They will wish to see that:

- the trip is genuine

- affordable (no doubt she can actually pay all expenses and has access to money)

- she isn't any  sort of risk (illegal work, security risk, ...)

- that on the balance of probability she will return because if ties to hee country if residence (a job, family, assets etc Or other requirements)


Most people can do the application themselves if they take the time to read the instructions by the embassy (or the external -optional!- service provider) carefully.  

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Thank you for that response. I have also read your very helpful extensive advice posted about this topic. I am hoping to have a response from a member in similar situation that has been through the process. Meaning non European partner of Thai partner.

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