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PhD Looking for an Interpreter in BKK

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Hey all—new to this forum…


I am a PhD from Boston University, based now in BKK while I finish up my fieldwork for my degree. I speak Thai, however not at the level that I'm confident enough to handle more complicated or nuanced questions in interviews.


Basically, I'm looking for someone who is willing to tag along during fieldwork and help facilitate interviews between myself and musicians who perform traditional Thai music in the Bangkok area that accompanies muay Thai/Thai boxing. I can get more into the details about the project itself if we're chatting about it!


It'd require some time during weeknights (approximately from 5 PM–10 PM), about twice per week. Maybe more, maybe less, kind of on a rolling, case-by-case basis. The big catch is that this is a year-long project…There is a good amount of flexibility to the itinerary. Some weeks might have more meetings, some might have less, and some of those meetings can be arranged if you have other commitments.


This project will also take me to places outside of Bangkok (either nearby, like Nakhon Pathom/Chonburi, or further like Chiang Mai, Songkhla, Buriram, etc.), and if we end up clicking, I am willing to compensate your lodging/travel with me to these areas (if you are interested in coming along). If anything, this could be a fun chance for you to get some free vacation time out of things! Haha. And of course, any travel in Bangkok (BTS, MRT, taxi) will be compensated.


Regarding compensation, as this isn't a commercial gig and thus there is less support behind it, I'm hoping I can find someone who is willing to work with me on a price (particularly since it is a long-term project). I am also an accomplished audio engineer (I run a recording studio back in the states), videographer/photographer, and I have my fair share of experience in web and graphic design. I also am willing to volunteer any of my talents (or any English-language services I can provide), plus cash, in exchange for your time and help!



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Hello Mr.John,


I am currently studying in the international programme majoring in British and American Studies at Thammasat University. I am willing and interested in helping with your work (as I also have an interests with sound engineering and music). I am currently staying in Japan for my study abroad year which will be ended 6th of August. After that I will head back to Thailand. If this is not too late I would like to ask if you still want an interpreter to help you with your fieldwork. If you still need one, please feel free to contact me by my e-mail : phongsakorn.janth@gmail.com


Best regards 

Janthong Phongsakorn


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