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Quiet and durable fan

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20 hours ago, FolkGuitar said:


With all due respect, WD-40  IS a lubricant. It is Mineral Oil mixed with Stoddard Solvent. The solvent thins the oil which allows it to penetrate and displace water, then the solvent evaporates leaving a coating of the oil.  Mineral Oil is the base oil of the majority of non-grease, non-synthetic lubes on the market today.


17 hours ago, taotoo said:

Doesn't it attract the fluff and gunk referred to though?


Only if used incorrectly. 

With most oil lubrication, less is better than more.  A single drop, spread out, will lubricate better than a tablespoon-full, and not attract dust and debris.  As I stated above, almost all of today's home lubricants start with a base of Mineral Oil, then add various 'magical ingredients' such as Molybdenum, Polytetrafluoroethylene  (TEFLON -PTFE,) or other additives. There is a new and very effective product called 'Frog Lube' that uses a vegetable oil base (coconut oil, actually) that a lot of knife knuts use to protect their carbon steel blades as it is food-safe and very effective against corrosion, but not much more slippy than mineral oil. We have been using WD-40 for years on our pocket knives, a location famous for fluff, gunk, and other assorted debris, without any problems... so long as it is used sparingly. One single drop on the pivot of a pocket knife twice a year is all that is needed. Hose the oil on and you start running into BIG problems.  For a fan, a half-second blast of WD-40 is more than enough... way more!  The Stoddard Solvent will thin it out sufficiently to disburse it where needed. No need to flood the thing!  Less is more!

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