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BANGKOK 23 March 2019 23:19

Looking for a used Canon EOS 7D MKii

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I am looking to acquire a used Canon EOS 7D MkII. I live in Phetchabun. I know about Amazon, Lazada and various Thai outlets which I have searched.  I even found one on TV classified but no reply from the advertiser so I guess already sold.


I would prefer to handle the camera before parting with my cash so the likes of Amazon are out!


So this is a long shot(no pun intended) but does anyone have any other suggestions where I might find one? Perhaps you have one for sale ?


Thanks in advance.

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You could check the MBK's ground floor Fotofile shop. It handles used gear. 

Mega Plaza has one floor with many used camera shops. It's at the corner of Yaowarat and Chakraphet, chinatown. There are other use gear shops in the same area.


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