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BANGKOK 24 February 2019 02:43

Technical Aspects of Online Teaching in Thailand

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Is anyone interested to discuss some of the technical aspects of online teaching, particularly as it relates to doing this from Thailand?


(I'm therefore excluding discussions about the legal aspect of such work - that discussion can go in a separate 'argument' thread!)


Some topics to discuss in this thread:


Which is the fastest/most reliable/cheapest mobile network for unlimited internet connection?


What software do you use in your online classroom?  (I use Sparkocam to create green screen background images/videos that I change during my lessons using voice activated macro mouse movement/click control.  So I can change the background image that I'm superimposed on, according to the topic that I'm teaching)


What headset do you use?  Do you use a wired headset and mike, or do you use a Bluetooth headset?


What sort of room lighting do you use?


etc etc etc - please contribute!

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Care to share your own findings & experiences?


Cheers, mate!

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