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BANGKOK 19 March 2019 17:20

Swiss court jails Thai woman in biggest ever human trafficking case

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Swiss court jails Thai woman in biggest ever human trafficking case



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A Swiss court on Wednesday handed down a ten and half year jail sentence to a Thai woman in what is believed to be Switzerland’s biggest ever human trafficking case.


The 58 year old woman, whose name has not been released, was found guilty on 75 counts of trafficking poor and mostly uneducated women from rural Thailand to be employed as sex workers in Switzerland, Swiss media reported.


The woman, who was also found guilty of charges related to money laundering and the promotion of prostitution, ran a complex, well organised and inhumane sex trafficking network throughout multiple regions in Switzerland from 2009 to her arrest in October 2014.


During the ten day trial, the court heard how the victims were subjected to terrible conditions and were forced to pay back travel expenses, which in some cases amounted to more than 1 million baht, to the operators of the sex ring.


Most of the women could not speak English and some suffered post traumatic stress following their ordeal, while others have since contemplated suicide.

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1 hour ago, LazySlipper said:

They should have that old pimpette undergo the same kind of treatment she submitted her fellow Thais to.


Shame on her!

I would bet she already has.

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34 minutes ago, greenchair said:

It is legal there. Thats why shes been arrested for trafficking and not for running a prostitution ring. But these girls borrowed money to get there so then they had to pay it back. And she was bringing in loads of them. And they were all working illegally. So they put her under the bus to save themselves by saying they didn't know. 

Of course they knew. 

Ok, fair enough, didn't know it was legal over there.

Wonder if Switzerland will issue a work visa on the basis of  prostitution in 

there country ?  maybe not.


Still think the traffickers are just nasty greedy evil people.



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1 hour ago, stanleycoin said:

I totally agree with you about some of the girls'  know what the score is.

But if we just legalized hookers all round the world, let them pay there tax, get the protection of the state and rights as workers. and so on and so on, all would be ok is'h.

But these people traffickers that operate now, are real low life scum bags.

who have no care about the girls.  and i'm sure there is loads of threats of violence and plenty of extortion by them,  so i'm glad when they get caught and go to jail.

The girls deserve better. 

Just saying. :jap:



These groups that run prostitution rackets are not charities, they are run as a business, even if illegal. No one is going to give uneducated girls an all expenses paid, with free accommodation, food and a chance to earn money, without expecting something in return.  


To these people the girls are simply a product, they don`t give a toss about their welfare, it`s strictly business and making profits, plus these girls to them are expendable and disposable.


Most prostitution is seedy and unsavoury run by gangsters. I have to wonder what these girls expect when they become part of these rackets, 6 weeks paid holiday per years, pension schemes and guaranteed minimum wages?



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