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Anyone for volleyball?

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On 3/2/2019 at 11:07 PM, Farangwithaplan said:

focus is on the ball. Not the child's eyes.

Exact ; so wrong focus ...

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Exact ; so wrong focus ...


First, how would you compose this to focus on the child’s eyes?

Would you do it in post? Or change the angle, or subjects position, etc?

Second, I disagree that the OP needs to “focus on the eyes”. I think the intent of the image is humor, “look at this tiny kid with such a big ball”.

However, I can understand being drawn to the eyes of this impoverished looking child. If the OP was trying be ironic/humorous, they should brighten up the image in post and reposition the child in a more colorful setting. Lastly, the ball is filthy, and makes the subject appear impoverished, when on second look she’s actually dressed quite nice.



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