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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 02:05

Bully who slapped old man at 7/11 fined 500 baht - says it was all in good fun!

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Bully who slapped old man at 7/11 fined 500 baht - says it was all in good fun!



Pictures (2): Daily News


A Thai man who assaulted an old man at a convenience store in Thonburi and caused a social media storm has apologized but said it was only a small slap and he does it all the time.


"Uncle" never complains at being hit in the head. It's all just a great laugh.


Preecha Pitasingh, 38, was explaining himself to society at large at the police station where he "graaped" (showed respect at the feet) to Sanya Cheuasaidit.




Daily News said Sanya - who didn't say much during the one sided explanation of what happened - was 57 though he appeared a tad older.


Preecha, a motorcycle taxi guy at Bang Khae market said: "I always have a laugh with Uncle Sanya every day. I have a go at him and give him a few slaps, as you do.


"It's not hard, just a few playful tickles really. It's never been an issue".


However on this occasion a woman he didn't know was filming in the convenience store and caught the slap that caused a firestorm on social media among Thais who invariably react negatively to young people even touching the head of the elderly for any reason.


"I gave him a slap as I always do," explained Preecha,"but was freaked out when it got onto social media. It sounds hard but it wasn't. It was just playful".


He said sorry to Uncle Sanya and society at large. Petchkasem police fined him 500 baht for assault.


Uncle Sanya, who Daily News said finds it difficult to articulate his feelings, sat through the six minute explanation by Preecha without saying a word.


Though he did say after that he wasn't cross and would not insist on charges. He just asked for 500 baht to get some sweeties.


Preecha asked for forgiveness. He even said that since the story broke online he had had to leave his apartment with his girlfriend and stay with relatives upcountry because they feared attack. 


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-07-13

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Can't be long and someone who shot his wife with 6 bullets will do the graap to the corps and gets fined 100 baht for each bullet because it was meant to be all in good fun.

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