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OTP for UK VIsa online payments planned

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Article in the Daily Mail - (use VPN as still blocked for me)




Online shoppers purchasing goods via credit or debit card will soon have to enter a one-time passcode sent directly to their mobile phone via text message to complete certain transactions, This is Money can reveal.

It will replace the current system which sees those shopping on the internet having to enter characters from a 'Verified by Visa' password they've created for some transactions.


It adds that the change will roll out across the industry by the time PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) lands in September 2019, regardless of your card scheme.

Apparently First Direct has already written to its customers.

Could be an issue if the card issuer does not accept foreign based numbers or wants to know why if you do not have a UK number....

The article does state that Visa suggests other options and to discuss with your bank........

This will affect both debit and credit cards.

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On 7/15/2018 at 10:51 AM, topt said:

Could be an issue if the card issuer does not accept foreign based numbers

And, even if they did, receiving the necessary passcodes could prove hit-and-miss based on my experience of receiving on my Thai mobile the code needed to log into my HMRC SA online account. Thankfully I can now log into this account instead with a 6-digit code (which changes every 30 seconds) obtainable from the HMRC app which I have downloaded on to my mobile. Hopefully Visa will see fit to introduce a similar system for those unable to receive passcodes on a mobile because (e.g.) either they don't have one or the signal strength in their neck of the woods is poor.

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