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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 12:17

How much spending money for 12 days in Bangkok and pattaya

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11 hours ago, bkk6060 said:

Wow, in your whole 10 years?  OK.

That is just the opposite of my experiences over the past couple of years living here.

Even many of the girls in the clubs want ST before 2am.


Because they can get more money going ST with several customers.

Many years ago this place was mostly LT.

Now, it is a ST place and one should be very clear up front because your comment of a 3 hour ST can in their mind mean LT money.

My first years in Thailand & Pattaya, early seventies, the only short times were in a short time hotel, or massage parlors, but that was 'just another muscle' that needed rubbed - there were no bar fines (Germans came & started that ) Mamasan took care of everything, all transactions were long time you paid her, she paid the girls - you  give a tip - but most were happy being with you, going out to eat, going your hotel,  than back to work the next night........I can't count how many girls introduced me to her  friends to take home, no jealousy's, all friendly, no feeding ducks pieces of your anatomy etc etc etc.        Nothing like today.........I have a left hand  -  her name is Noi.

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On 7/20/2018 at 6:59 PM, poanoi said:

may i suggest empathize with whomever you want to advice ?

feel the person, understand him, and tailor your answer to

what seem to be the most realistic approach.


an example: if i see someone asking financial questions,

on how to make do with a limited amount of money,

i will either try to suggest how to save a buck,

or if i see its not financially viable, suggest dont come,

or a combination of the two.


You OTOH will without any reflection whatsoever suggest:

stay at a 5 star hotel, get the most expensive prostitute you could possibly find, and give her a tip twice that of the asking price,

and do jack shit but sipping bailys with her all day long,

so she soon enough realize she just found true love !


you are not helpful in the slightest, you are wasting space

and bandwidth

You continue to rattle and to miss the point; how much you spend all depends upon what you do

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An off-topic flame post and a reply have been removed from this thread.

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