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Hello all


Not sure if you already know but 2alex4alex is very sick after suffering from a stroke,a while ago.


Thankfully Alex is out of hospital now but the stroke has left him partially paralyzed and housebound.

Was chatting with a Thai friend of the family,that went to visit Alex last weekend,he's says that Alex is doing well under the circumstances but is very down!


Fortunately for Alex,his lovely wife is taking good care of him but she still needs to work.I know that she comes home at noon to care for him,but for the rest of the day,Alex is alone in his home.


I was wondering if any of you folk, live in the same area as Alex or if you know of anyone that does,who could maybe pop

round and see him sometime?

Bit of a long shot,I know.......but if there is anyone that lives in or around the Dan Sai area of Loei and would be willing to go round and visit him,I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated! Can PM me shaggy1969 for his address.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I thought that you would like to know and also so you could send him your well wishes.





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