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Short term rentals

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Hi all,


I was hoping for some suggestions on where or how to find short term rentals for apartments in Bangkok.


I'll be coming to Thailand next month to study (I realise this is short notice but I only got my exam results (and therefore confirmation of the year abroad) on Friday), first at a language school near Ploenchit BTS station and then spending a semester at Thammasat University.


Ideally I'd find accommodation near a BTS or MRT station for the first 4 months (during the language school teaching) and then moving somewhere by the river for six months.


I have looked on a couple of sites but when they stipulate the length of the lease it is often for a year, sometimes 6 months. Airbnb is the easiest platform but certainly not the cheapest.

Can anyone suggest any other sites?


In addition to this, wifi is convenient, but would I be just as well off getting a sim to allow me to use my phone as a mobile hotspot for my laptop?


Many thanks in advance for any help or advice you may offer. (^_^)

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