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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 01:18

Thai environment minister declares war on plastic bags at markets - D-Day July 21st

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Thai environment minister declares war on plastic bags at markets - D-Day July 21st



Picture: Thai Rath


Thailand has announced its latest "D-Day" in the war against litter.


This one is July 21st when the environment minister General Surasak Kanjanarat is declaring war on plastic bags.


In the initial face of the battle the Thai authorities will be conducting a charm offensive to stop traders and the public using so many plastic bags at fresh food markets nationwide.


Gen Surasak said yesterday that the country uses a staggering 45 billion bags a year.


Forty per cent of these are used at fresh food markets. That is around 18 billion bags.


So he has decided to start a campaign.


It is called: "Doing good from the heart. Less Taking, Less Giving, Less Using Plastic Bags".


Signage will be going up at 7,000 markets nationwide. The aim is to reduce plastic bag usage by 20% or 3.6 billion bags at markets by next year. There is also a target to reduce foam container usage by 10% by 2019.


Thai Rath also said in their story that some 400,000 convenience stores nationwide make up 30% of plastic bag usage or 13.5 billion bags annually.


No mention was made when the government might address the problem at these kind of stores.


Thaivisa notes that the term "sai thung" (put it in a bag) is one of the first expressions people learn when trying to master the Thai language.


May we suggest that people learn "may (tong) sai thung" (not (necessary to) use a bag) to help the campaign!


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-07-19


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stupid and nonsens thats all only blablabla


dont  try reduce  and so on,on  plasticbags


the problem is to deep

only solution, for people really want to do a change


passing a law now, to prohibite plasticbag use now and completly, as well use of plastic in disposabal articles ( incl bottles)

give the law a timeframe of 3 years to be started

thats given the industrie time to develop alternatives with a  law frame , that would alloud these investments. already there are alternative plastic factorys in place on a small scale here in thailand.


impose a tax on imports and production of pvc

on  the other hand  give tax atvantages to the alternative industrie under BOi


its easy to replace plastic if their is a will and strong support


but ,sorry to tell its hopsless in thailand, and maybe already to late.


i am just back from a third world country, where i have in 3 weeks less trash like in 2-3 days in thaland. why?  no plastic on markets and shops, supermarket charge nearly 1 usd for one plasticbag ( incomming for people er day is 2 usd) , alternativly  for 1 usd can buy on the market the ebst ever eat quality fish for the equal of one plasticbag !!  and the natural beaches was  99% waste free there!! ( was an island 1000 sqkm sized), the mainland have many problems too, but not with plastic, more exploitation of natural resources due to proverty and corruption)



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