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BANGKOK 21 January 2019 10:07

Rights report calls for criminal investigation into Rohingya genocide

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Rights report calls for criminal investigation into Rohingya genocide

By The Nation




Violence and the military operations against the Rohingya in recent years constitute genocide and crimes against humanity, human right defenders Fortify Rights categorically state in their report released on Thursday, which identifies 22 Myanmar Army and Police officials who should be criminally investigated for their roles in the atrocities.


The 160-page report entitled “They gave them long swords” documented how the Myanmar authorities committed mass killings, rape and arson attacks against Muslim Rohingya in Rakhine’s Maungdaw township between October and November 2016.


“When the international community failed to effectively respond to these attacks, Myanmar authorities made preparations to commit another attack that extended through all three townships of Rakhine – Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung,” the group’s statement read.


The latest chapter in the Rohingya crisis took place in August last year, when its resistance fighters launched a series of attacks on Myanmar security outposts. This prompted a harsh response and a concerted “clearance operation”, that killed scores of civilians and displaced some 700,000 people.


The report found at least 27 Myanmar Army battalions, comprising up to 11,000 soldiers, along with three combat police battalions, comprising an estimated 900 police, were involved in the attacks in Rakhine State beginning in August last year.


The report is based on a 21-month-long investigation, including 254 interviews conducted by Fortify Rights in Myanmar and Bangladesh with Rohingya eyewitnesses and survivors, Myanmar military and police personnel, Bangladesh military and government officials, members and former members of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)—also known as al Yaqin, a militant Rohingya group—international and local humanitarian aid workers, medical physicians, and others.


The Rohingya community and the United Nations human right agency recently called for an independent investigation into the genocide but international prosecutors have yet to respond.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30350384

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-07-19

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Why don't they just help get the muslims out of Myanmar?

Edited by rgraham

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1. There wasn't a genocide. There are probably more "Rohingya" now than before 25 August.

2. Yet again, there is no call for an investigation into what caused all this, nor of an investigation into the wrongdoings of the "Rohingya" before and after the 25 August.

3. Wrongs were doubtless committed on both sides, that's what happens when a planned armed rebellion takes place.

For those that have forgotten, on the 24th August 2017 Kofi Anan completed his report on his conclusions as to what could be done to solve the problems in the Rakhine. The present conflict dates from 2012, one year after it was realised that there were potential oil and gas reserves in the Rakhine and the Chinese had signed the pipeline contracts exporting oil and gas to China. Coincidence of course.

On 25 August 2017, ARSA attacked police and customs posts, willingly assisted by "Rohingya" villagers who openly declared that they wanted to drive out all the non-Muslims in "their" territory. 

I am sorry for the Muslims villagers that were exploited by ruthless political and big business forces. Maybe if they made an effort to integrate they would be welcomed back, but no likelihood of that happening. 


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