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BANGKOK 27 March 2019 09:49

Belgium man, 39, dies in high speed Phuket motorbike crash

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i used to have house a little ways behind that bus on the pic.

i saw more dead bodies from stupid accidents in phuket than anywhere else. i saw one thai guy pull out and go backwards up the street ultra slow but as he turned he hit a little hole lost balance and hit the ground. the guy was barely moving and hit his head on the ground and was basically dead instantly feom what i could see. doesnt always need to be speeding related to be deadly but sadly when i used to live there i was kneescraping and wheeling corner to corner daily doing full rounds of the island. thankfully ive grown up a lil.


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Life begins at 40.


Unless you prefer speeding bikes on the world's worst roads without a helmet and leathers. 

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I had a bike accident last month when a Thai man did a u turn on his bike without looking. I was knocked out cold but the helmet saved my life 100%. I'm so thankful.

I was launched over the handlebars and somersault onto my back smashing my head on the road.
The Thai guy helped me up but ran away before the police arrived, as usual but police tracked him down.

Moral of my story is wear a helmet always. No exception. I wouldn't be here today without one. line_1529047133247.jpeg

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