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Trump threatens tariffs on all $500 billion of Chinese imports

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1 minute ago, lapamita said:

you are a big Trump !!


you think the world is so easy??


dumping us tresuarys means

- big losses for chinese bcs the value shrinks, the us dollar  devalued, 

-intrest in us would go up

- rezession in us  and lower export for china would leed them to rezession, both the us and china , and whats with chinese depts ?? they are hudge,and the biggest financial bubble in history ,china ,would imploed

-and whats with all the rest ..a big turmoil on the stockmarket would give the rest


forward thinking is not a stronghold  for you, your better than TRump


the fact is


The US manufacturing sector had 70% part on the BIP in the 70s, today only 16% ,a country without manufacturing cant survive in longterm.


and the world was always in anger, that the US live on depts and consumption, now trump want to change it, and the world angry again...................


a lot of trumps ideas make sense. and inminimum trump is changing something, to good or bad , is open... but thats even better, than this consesus goverments of the past

I dont understand ESL

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52 minutes ago, UncleTouchyFingers said:


Your constant negativity and desire for a "gotcha/told-you-so" moment combined with your defense of some of the most ridiculous and negative takes on this board regarding the topic. 

Negativity? Only about Trump. I am a very optimistic person, a pity really since optimists live a shorter life than pessimists. I think it is a happier life though.


Looks like you'll have a very long life.

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On ‎7‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 5:35 AM, FritsSikkink said:

Consumer prices in the USA through the roof, well done.

Soooo, it's all right to exploit the poor in China rather than pay proper wages to make stuff in the US? All so the 1% can get even more wealthy, while screwing the workers of the US.

I hope he does it, 500% tariffs on everything from China that enters the US. Almost everything I've bought made in China ( because it's almost impossible to buy anything else now ) is junk, and breaks way too soon.

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52 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

500% tariffs on everything from China

It's not 500% tariff but a 10% tariff on $500 billion worth of Chinese products.

That's likely not enough to stop American consumers from still purchasing Chinese goods but still low enough not to shift manufacturing those same products in the US anytime in the near future.


But the tariffs will be high enough to diminish American purchasing power and cause inflation. The FED just recently raised its benchmark short-term interest rate a quarter percentage point  and indicated that two more increases are likely this year. The move pushed the funds rate target to 1.75% to 2% to slow inflation.



Trump ripped the FED for this and planned rate increases.

“I don’t like all of this work that we’re putting into the economy and then I see rates going up,”

“Chinese currency was dropping like a rock” and the strong U.S. dollar “puts us at a disadvantage.”


Wait until Trump sees the next two FED rate increases. While the FED is trying to remove economic fuel that is overheating the economy, Trump's economic policies if continued will add more fuel to economic inflation.

In the meantime if China's currency is indeed "dropping like a rock," it can find willing substitute buyers in places like the EU, South America and Africa. Then who wins Trump's tariff war?


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