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Sangkhla Buri district declared disaster zone


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Sangkhla Buri district declared disaster zone




Sangkhla Buri district of Kanchanaburi province has been declared a disaster zone following heavy flooding in 10 villages and two tambon, with the only artery road leading to the district partially flooded and impassable for small cars.


Kanchanaburi Governor Chirakiart Poomsawat said the flood situation in Sangkhla Buri district warranted the district being declared a disaster zone to facilitate emergency delivery of relief materials to the affected areas.


Highway 323 which links Muang district with Sangkhla Buri district was badly flooded at kilometer marker 263 with water level estimated at 1.2 metre deep, making it impassable for small cars, resulting in traffic congestions extending several kilometres.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/sangkhla-buri-district-declared-disaster-zone/


-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2018-07-21
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Just a gentle reminder from Oct. 2011

6 1/2 years later, except some recipients of the money spent for flood prevention, nothing has changed:

As Thailand Floods Spread, Experts Blame Officials, Not Rains

The main factors, they say, are deforestation, overbuilding in catchment areas, the damming and diversion of natural waterways, urban sprawl, and the filling-in of canals, combined with bad planning. Warnings to the authorities, they say, have been in vain.

“I have tried to inform them many times, but they tell me I am a crazy man,” said Smith Dharmasaroja, former director general of the Thai Meteorological Department.

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