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Motorbike travel around Vietnam......again

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Another long ride around Vietnam on a motorbike. Originally i was going to Cambodia but decided on a repeat trip, trying new roads to me.   Day 1. Sunday 15 April. I arrived at Saigon e

Day 9. 23 April 43km I stayed local today, more so than planned. I intended to ride to the view point near the top of Lang Biang Mountain, but they had decided that independent riding to the top

Day 61. 14 June Xin Man to Dong Van. 10 hrs 295 km. There was light drizzle and bad roads for the first 100 km, but with great views again. In Ha Giang heavy rain.

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Loc Bao to to Dalat. 328km

Off bright and early this morning, the weather was like a spring day in the UK, wonderful riding weather.
I backtracked to continue my back roads loop to Dalat. South of Loc Bao I stopped at a war memorial before trying to find the turning to Da Teh, this took a few wrong turns before getting on the correct road, then the wrong turns and un signposted roads took over. To cut a long story short 220km and 7 hours later I was back at my start point, due to a bad storm and the small road I was on being under construction and a mud bath,

I decided to count my loses and take the main road to Dalat.


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