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About buying a truck --- Ford or Isuzu or else


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9 hours ago, South said:

Go for a Toyota. Super reliable and a dealer in pretty much every Changwat.


Don't believe me, 'Google' Ford/Isuzu dealers in the country. Few and far between compared to Toyota .... not that you will need a dealer, super reliable. My present Toyota, not even a light-bulb in 5+ years.


You're not in Kansas any more. ?


exactly, toyota only way to go in thailand!

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20 minutes ago, johnmcc6 said:

Bought a new D MAX 7 yrs ago. Still like new in every way. customer service is great.Changed tires and battery once.

Our D Max is 8 years old, 3 batteries, 2nd set of tyres and normal services which are so cheap even in Phuket. Ranger looks nice but next year we will likely buy another Isuzu

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21 hours ago, NanLaew said:

Ford is good and their rep is getting better. However, you need to check with any Ford owners in your area on how good the LOCAL after sales and service experience is. My experience with a couple of Rangers with a cumulative ~150,000 km over 7 years in Udon (sales and service) and Pattaya (service) has been very good but from what I have read, there's absolutely no decent Ford after sales service in Phuket and there's a few Ford dealerships in Bangkok to be avoided as well.


Agree 100%. I am a happy Ford ranger owner as well and am very lucky to have an excellent dealer and repair service locally. I have dealt with one dealer in Bangkok which I will never do again. Just the waiting time for repairs for any brand in BKK are forever, while my local dealer, you just pop in whenever and they will have it done in a few hours. Never had any problem with my XLT and the quality of the works overall is excellent.

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Observations from what I have seen.  Pattaya songtaews are almost exclusively Isuzu and many seem to have been on the road a long time.  Toyota more popular in Pattaya area for privately owned trucks but when I was recently in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai it was noticeable there were far more Isuzu pickups that Toyota in that part of the country.   As others have mentioned the local dealer network and reputation is an important consideration and checking with people who own the various brands is a good way to get info.  If good reports on Ford and Isuzu would focus more on interior comfort, features and personal preferences for ride, etc.  Prices seem to be about the same for the various makes.

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We have a Ranger 3.2 wildtrak for 3 years now and not a single rattle or thing wrong with it. Just the normal servicing. Had Isuzu before too and was fairly decent. You can't go wrong with either.

Just do not under any circumstances buy Chevrolet in Thailand and you'll be fine. Absolutely the worst vehicle I've ever had was a Chevrolet Captiva, things started to go wrong after 6 months and didn't stop until we sold it after 2 years.

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10 hours ago, kevvy said:

Ford does not have a good spare parts supply. My wife was a manager at  Ford/Mazda , and they were constantly waiting for parts to arrive . This was the production plant

Yes she was and yes, they were.


Since 2011, I have had 3 Ford ranger repairs done under warranty. Parts were ordered and delivered within 24-hours and the repair jobs done on a mutually agreeable appointment. Two of the repairs were same-day... or actually, same-morning. The last one took 5 days but they told me "3-to-5 days" at the get go.


I have also ordered, installed or replaced/upgraded Ford Ranger OEM parts several times. Get the part number, pay (or make deposit) when placing the order, parts arrived for collection within a few days with phone call to advise as such.

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Do not be as stupid as me and buy a Ford.

These are some things that have happened with my 3 1/2 year old Ford Ranger 3.2
• manifold broken
• turbo broken
• lock the rear seat broken
• head gasket broken
• cam belt broken
• water pump broken
• air conditioning units broken
• water leakage at the car roof antenna (destroyed ceiling)
• holder interior rear view mirror broken
• side panel driver's seat broken

Ford charged for 9.6 liters of oil but only filled with 7.6 liters of oil.
Ford failed to adjust the engine after replacing cam belt which led to ruined air conditioning.

Ford refuses to compensate me for oil not delivered and broken car. They said that from now on I'm a VIP customer and every time I get to the workshop, the manager will personally take care of me.
Perhaps Thai people listen to such bullshit.

Never more a Ford for me. It will be a Toyota instead.

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Get the Isuzu you will never get hassled by police they will think you are an Issan farmer. Ford are too beautiful police know people with money buy them, a cash register on wheels. 

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