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BANGKOK 25 March 2019 20:56

Factory Building

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I live in a very quiet Moo Ban in Ban Chang, the next do neighbor is putting up a building next to my home, when I asked him about it he said he was just build a small house.

I got suspicious when I saw the foundation being dug out. Since then there has been a lot of work and now the structure is higher than my two story home.

Now they are putting in the second floor of the so called house, they are " I " beams about 20 cm deep, some floor for a house.

What can I do about it I have lost the light in the lower rooms on that side of the house also.

I would like some advise please, as to what I can do if anything



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All you can do is talk to the local council & check that building regulations have been followed. I live in Eastern Star & one of mh neighbours has a house that backs onto the bojndary wall for Eastern Star & a developer has built huge appartments behind her house.

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