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Chiang Rai to open chemical-free vegetable and fruit market in 2019


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On 8/10/2018 at 2:52 PM, sceadugenga said:

I was there yesterday about 11 and it was almost cleaned out, probably waiting for a delivery, I'd say that today would have been ideal.


Going back to town from your house there is a small restaurant  on your right about a km before the White Temple turn off. 

All ingredients are home grown and organic, the cook has worked in the UK as well.

Highly recommended.


Huaen Arharn Baan Cafe

160 Moo 5 Tumbon Maekorn
Chiang Rai, Thailand 57000





is that the one with the walkway over a small water feature .. ...nice place

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On 8/8/2018 at 8:27 AM, bluesofa said:

I wonder how they will be sure all the produce sold is chemical-free?

If the customer can see the maggot trails or other nibblings on the produce, it's chemical free. If it looks 'perfect', it's probably sprayed with pesticides.

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Chiang Rai to open organic fruit and vegetable centre next year

By The Nation




The largest market for fresh fruit and vegetables in the North is scheduled to open in Chiang Rai next year. The market, Talat Lan Muang, is also expected to become a centre for the trading of fresh goods with Myanmar and Laos, thanks to the location of Chiang Rai. 


Chiang Rai’s deputy governor Samrit Sawamipak said the market would help local farmers become more competitive and maintain the prices of locally grown fruit and vegetables. 


Samrit also believes Chiang Rai will become known regionally as a centre of organic produce. 


The construction of the market on a 160rai piece of land at Mae Korn intersection will cost about Bt2 billion. Those interested in reserving space in the market can do so on September 29. 


Jianghai Market Plc executive director Wisarn Techateerawat said Chiang Rai farmers produce good quality products, but the price of their produce is relatively low. Also Chiang Rai locals do not have access to healthy and safe food products. 


“Besides Chiang Rai’s location – adjacent to Myanmar and Laos, as well as a link to China – has the potential for a wholesale market. We have invited Sri Muang, a local market operator, to join the project,” Wisarn added. 


Apart from organic products, Talat Lan Muang will also stock locally made goods in the hope of attracting tourists.


Napintorn Srisanpang, president of the Ratchaburi Central Vegetable and Fruit Market, said there is over 2million rai (320,000 hectares) of farmland in Chiang Rai, and given its proximity to Laos and Myanmar, the province could very well become a wholesale export centre for fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Up to 10,000 tonnes of vegetables and fruit will be delivered and distributed via the centre daily.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30352002

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-08-13
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Samrit also believes Chiang Rai will become known regionally as a centre of organic produce.


Do they have the slightest concept of what "totally organic" means??

2 things I don't trust:

1: No I didn't use any chemicals.

2: It's been fully tested and certified by accredited testers

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Who guarantees the testing for (inorganic) pesticides went correctly ? Thai governmental auditors ? Or commercial auditors, from BV, DNV, Intertek, Moody, SGS, TUV....

See how a government official of the Dutch food autority NVWA, and responsabe for the EU for everything what enters via Dutch ports, think about certifications outside the EU = third countries:

Als u vervolgens af wilt gaan op de certificaten uit derdelanden, dan zult u het met me eens zijn dat hier nog vaker het predikaat "onbetrouwbaar" op geplakt kan worden, om niet te spreken van "fraude".

If you  want to rely on certifications from third countries, then you have to agree with me that here even more often these could be classified as "unreliable", not to speak of "fraud".

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