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BANGKOK 24 March 2019 07:29

Training Your Dog

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hello, is this thread still active ? anybody training dogs around Pattaya / Sriracha ? Thank you.

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Anyone help with a few problems with my new puppy?  She is a BARKER!!   She is a Chihuahua.  I am experience with this breed as I have an older one and just lost my other one to old age, that is the why I bought the new one as company for the other dog who likes to play, and also for me. 


I have had the new puppy about 4 months now.  But she is not like my other dogs in personality at all, even though I am raising her the same way.  


The main problem is that the puppy will often stand in front of the older dog when it is resting, and bark non stop right in its face (very loud and ear splitting).  I think it wants the older dog to play, but the older one will just ignore it as long as it can, but after about 15 minutes it gets annoyed and walks off.  The puppy will get too aggressive with the other dog when it starts to walk off, biting its legs, and holding on to the skin on the dogs neck and dragging it about .. so that the skin is actually stretched out!!!  My other dog is too mellow and placid to correct the puppy, which is really frustrating, as I am sure just a crown or it snapping at the puppy would stop the problem.  


I have to tell the puppy to stop, but it just follows the other dog and start again.  It will do this when the other dog is eating its food also, or has a toy or chew.  It's so annoying I have to keep the older dog outside now to let it and me have some rest from the noise, which is not fair to the other dog, which likes to be with us when we are watching TV in the evening.  


If I tell the puppy off for barking, the older dog thinks I am telling it off (its a very sensitive dog) and will look really scared of me and go hide under the table.





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