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BANGKOK 24 March 2019 11:39

Looking for a Partner

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Im looking for a "partner," either expat or retiree or someone who will be staying in Thailand until spring, to join me in a vid project. Basically I need a main camera dude who has a microphone and editing capability for a short "pilot" video for you tube. If I can get this project off the ground, we split the cash. I have contacts in the Industry. I already have a few Thais lined up to help (cute girls too). NO investment necessary (we pay our own way)


Im pretty much <deleted> with a camera to my eye, but I have several years of on camera experience for a major cable network and Ive already got stuff written.


I would prefer someone that can do 4K.


Basically its you time and running around Bangkok. Im cool to hang out with. PM me

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8 minutes ago, Maradona 10 said:



I'm really cool too. dude..kiss me!

Cant. I only like girls. But hey, Ladyboys can be a comedy element

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