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Here come the Thai moral sex crusaders: Students forbidden from doing anything naughty anywhere anytime!


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The Ministry of Education should far more interested in the actual EDUCATION of their students. Teaching them other subject other than math, Thai history, and in many schools... Chinese. Teach them World history for a start or politics, economics, science (do more than they are), sociology... you know the subjects that we learned in school. Most of all stop the cheating that takes place on vast levels during the taking of exams throughout the Educational system in this country (hell... someone even made a feature film about it). 


Remove a student's freedom of expression, be it feelings for someone else (male or female), tell them that they cannot walk together on a public street, hang out at the mall or have food together, or sit in a public park... well... good luck with that! We were not allowed to smoke on campus at my school... yet...  we always found a way. As for romance and sexual encounters... where there is a will there is always a way and kids will find it as the hormones are in complete charge at that point.


So, if the Ministry of Education wants to do better by its charges... the students... then TEACH them, work with them, give, listen, help, guide, correct when needed and called for, but DO NOT stifle or censor them and/or take away their right to be kids!


For they must be able to learn also by themselves. To realize that their actions have responsibilities that go beyond taking care of older parents, household chores, and the piles of homework that the schools dish out simply because the school curriculum demands it.


Remember that the teachers are not given the ability to question said curriculum and are not given the time to do what they know they have to. It is easier to just had out homework and expect their students to spend all night doing it... well unless they get a friend to do it for them via the LINE app. It is not the teachers, but rather the system that they work within that is the issue!

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