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Here come the Thai moral sex crusaders: Students forbidden from doing anything naughty anywhere anytime!


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52 minutes ago, BobbyL said:

Keep them dumb and underexposed to the world.


Could you imagine being a university student in Thailand? It must be truly awful. 


My wife couldn't believe what the life of a student was like when she went to study in England a few years ago. Highly interesting topics, seminars where you are allowed to openly question lecturers theories, offer your own opinion on research, producing high quality group projects, studying a variety of professional development courses, not having to wear a uniform and wai every senior Tom, Dick and Harry, going out and having fun. 


It is all the complete opposite of here.  

Sir you better wai when you see a poo yai or you may get deported.  


Joking aside...


I see some benefits of Thai culture..you foreigeners can say all you want about being submissive and fake but in some conditions I see it being way superior than self righteous and entitled students it creates in the West.

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Now it is sex added with hide and go seek and a sense of danger.  The Thai government showing its not fit to lead.  Give them sex education and access to condoms.  They are their parents' responsibility. 

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35 minutes ago, Snow Leopard said:

People will always find a way around stupid rules. Especially when it comes to sex. 


The new measures are added to a long list of don't for students that include truancy, gambling, weapons, alcohol and other misdemeanors such as forbidding prostitution.


These are not so bad. Except for the alcohol.  

Where do you think all the very expensive mobiles are coming from, the eating out, the parties?


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1 hour ago, BobbyL said:

Keep them dumb and underexposed to the world.


Could you imagine being a university student in Thailand? It must be truly awful. 

Yes, by comparison, all the farang  student sex tourists who come to Thailand are geniuses ... and as they get older they become even more intelligent.





IT'S schoolies on steroids. A teenager's paradise.

No parents, no rules, no authorities, no police. No limits.

Welcome to Thailand's infamous Full Moon parties, where the signature drink is a bucket of hard alcohol with red bull - drugs of all kinds are bought over the counter at bars.


Here's a photo of the full moon branch of Mensa holding an AGM.



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21 minutes ago, dotpoom said:

All said and done.....they are about the same set of codes...moral and otherwise...that my own Father laid down for me and my brother from an early age.

  My brother (2 yrs. older than me) lived by them....Me?...I was the "black sheep" and rebelled at every chance.....How did we fair out?  My brother had a very stable life, is still with the same wife he married almost 50 yrs.   ago...He is loved by his children. Has been in the same job for 45 yrs and is drawing a pension.

Me, I became a roaring alcoholic, had many different partners, my children and I are estranged. I had as many different jobs as I had dinners...the list goes on.

  The moral of the story....don't be so quick knock well meaning advice.....

I knew of  pastor who used to preach that homosexuality was a sin and you'd go to hell for it. He turned out to be a roaring homosexual. 


Beware of strangers preaching morals. They're usually just miserable and frustrated. 

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