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Get tough measures aim to reduce road death toll among motorcyclists by 50%


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Here is the easy answer (already practiced by some "holier than thou" person):


sidewalk cop.JPG


All motorcylists to use footpath only and then there will be no crashes between them and other road users. Also help to alleviate the traffic problem?


And I am NOT a committee. Too easy:clap2:

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Tough measures.

No licence, insurance or tax.

5,000 baht fine.

Impound the bike.

Fine not paid within one month crush the bike.

Won't need more than a few months and 50% of the bikes will be gone meaning 50% drop in bike accidents.

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46 minutes ago, BuckleUp said:

I don't know, cops in Melbourne are pretty tight on traffic laws......

I was a highway patrol cop in Melbourne for three years before going to the Accident Investigation Section for eight years.  When road design, vehicle engineering, police enforcement, public education and a host of other factors failed, resulting in a fatal collision, I got the call to go and pick up the pieces.


With Victoria's annual road toll predicted to drop below 200 for the first time ever in 2018, they must be doing things correctly.   Very much unlike Thailand.


I could write a book about how to improve the scant regard that Thais in general have for road trauma, but it would rival the number of pages in War and Peace.



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The only Thing that i habe learned in the many years: only lip service....no enforcement of the laws by police as the prefer to sit in their aircon boots.... Hi penalties ARE needed to make a chance as nothing hurts more than money out of the pocket. Confiscate the motorbikes up penalty is paid. 

Too bad cant brainwash thais, also see sometimes stupid foreigners doing the same.... 

Its a shame for the whole country! 

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Most of us know the matters that need to be addressed to reduce this terrible (but seemingly 'acceptable' to Thai people) road trauma - but Thai "authorities" do not read this forum thus we are wasting our breath. Sad to say but they will continue on as before - killing each other on the road. ?


Pronouncements come and go but nothing ever changes. TIT



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23 hours ago, lanista said:

In the 60's and 70's Australia had one of the worst road tolls in the world . Thousands were  pissed while driving and speeding home from the pub. A young aussie soldier stood a better chance of surviving  a tour of Vietnam than the roads of NSW and Victoria, in particular.The police clamped down severely and everyone got the message.  Our road toll is now one of the lowest in the world.


Never happen here.  Police are useless. Thais people are irresponsible. Thais couldnt be bothered  doing a proper test.  No-one cares . You die - you got to buddha and re encarnate as a flower, butterfly or maybe a soi dog!!

This is Thailand. Always.

Not mention soi dog with rabies 

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I see there is nothing mentioned about underage riders, our village/small town is full of them

and right under the polices noses.

Lets face it, there is going to be very little change if any.

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On 8/18/2018 at 9:54 AM, ThreeEyedRaven said:

Well, I wish them the best of luck, but I won't be holding my breath. They are good with the words, but not with the necessary sustained action, for any period extending past about three days.

Three days? Don't you mean 24 hours?

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On 8/18/2018 at 9:59 AM, lovelomsak said:

After being here for years I have taken notice that when the police want to do some thing or are made to so some thing they can and will do it.

 I believe they will lay down the law and things will improve.

  You would not believe the changes up where I am since the police have gotten tough on things. 

  Not Traffic laws as of yet. But brothels shut down,Karoake shut downs just major sex industry clean up. They said they would remove illegal shops form the street and they did. There have been major changes. I am not saying I agree with all of them but I am saying when they want they can get the job done.




Yes, if they really want to, but then a lot will depend on the tea money collections. and you are talking about your own town, city, or province. This is about the whole of Thailand.

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21 hours ago, riki said:

More bike lanes, OK for 125cc but crap if you have a big bike, as a lot more big bikes are sold here now, bikes not on motorway, underpass, overpass, bypass, and toll roads,then have to drive in bike lanes with busses and taxis stop and start  making it more dangerous 

Allowing bigger bikes, say upwards of 250cc on to all the motorways and other roads you mention is far too much common sense for the Thai authorities.

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On 8/18/2018 at 9:16 AM, rooster59 said:

The death toll from motorcycle accidents in 2017 was 8,900 people reported Daily News. 

How many of those had no license ?

I bet only small % .

But how may of those are opposite riders ? Or those who enter major roads without stopping or looking ?


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I agree that proper education and law enforcement is the only long-term solution. At the same time, where I lived (a bit outside of the city), I need to cross a local highway on a daily basis. Getting out of Soi to the big road, starting on the left lane, weaving a bit by bit to the right lane, reaching the U-turn point half a kilometer's away, finding the right timing to turn, weaving back again from the right lane to the left, finally coming to the point just across the road from my Soi, all against recklessly speeding trafic... I am sure a bit outside of the town, there are may places like this. They should invent a better way for motorcycles to cross the road.

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10 hours ago, hotchilli said:

Don't bother, the average Thai doesn't want the inconvenience of having to pass a test, get a licence or obey any road laws.. they're quite happy with the status quo,  having the freedom to do as they wish, go where they want when they want and are also happy with the consequences of accidents including the chances of an untimely death...

They also know that police are quick to pass knee jerk laws but slow to enforce them.

As we all saw from a recent post watching a helpful policeman tie a young child to it's father & allow them to ride away without even a helmet between them !!!!

Thais don't want road laws, they want to be left alone to as they wish.. aided by a lazy police force!

And to a certain extent I agree with them!


The extremely foolish get killed off very quickly and, certainly here on Phuket, it's far from easy to get a license.  It is necessary to drive your 'bike to the licensing centre (at the Northern end of the of the Island - and bear in mind you don't have a license to do so...), then go back some time later (still without a license) to finalise the effort!


The fact that the 'theory' part is in Thai hardly helps....


Like everyone else I always wonder 'what on earth are their parents thinking' when I see kids on 'bikes - but at the end of the day, the 'kids' turn out to be fairly 'predictable' bad drivers - unlike tourists who are unpredictable bad drivers, as they for some obscure reason think they can drive like the Thais....


In short, I give tourists on 'bikes a far wider berth than Thais.

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