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BANGKOK 18 February 2019 10:05

Payment for proof of Income letter from NZ Embassy

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I recently applied to the New Zealand Embassy to get the "proof of income" letter for my upcoming retirement extension and I have to say the folks at the embassy were absolutely fantastic – – great people, giving a top quality service and nothing was too much trouble for them.


They helped me through a little glitch, which I want to share if it applies to other Kiwis going through the same process.


Everything was fine until I had to pay the required amount into Citibank via something called "Bahtnet". So I went to my large local branch of Bangkok Bank and they knew absolutely nothing about this, but said they could do it anyway, and it turned out they couldn't because it was rejected. They therefore suggested I tried the ATM machine, and this was also rejected.


I contacted the NZ Embassy again and they advised me to try another bank and to get back to them if I was still having a problem. As it happened I tried the Krungsri bank and they knew exactly what I was talking about and processed the fee within about five minutes....... and my letter arrived two days later. Absolutely great service.


So if your local bank doesn't know what Bahtnet is, try another one.

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