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BANGKOK 18 February 2019 08:44

Im getting very bored

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5 weeks into my 7 weeks stay im starting to get very bored.

my friends have gone back yesterday to Australia so im left here by myself.


I have done the bars, etc etc ,maybe I would like to go shopping at markets ,but apart from that its sitting in my hotel room watching TV


Ironically when I was back in Australia I wanted to be in Pattaya ,now I dont mnd going home.

theres only so many massages etc I can do.


maybe i should of just enjoyed 2 weeks rather than 7


The first few weeks were awaesome,we done everything 24 hours,parachuting, restaurants,buffets ,bars ,movies,shopoing ,art galleries,etc but anyway they went home on saturday so im here by myself i feeling bored and a bit lonely


is there anywhere i can go tonight?

no use ditting in bars and being ignored most times it gets boring too




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Go to hugs or hug me a gogo in Soi post office.


3-4 totally naked girls will keep you occupied or annoy the crap out of you to buy them drinks.


if that becomes boring they have a big tv, at least can enjoy watching tv on a big screen 

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1 minute ago, jvs said:

Find yourself a good book and try to enjoy being your own company.

Could have stayed in his own country for that

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It is very true that you can have too much of a good thing.

Next time up you might want to do three weeks, go home and recover for a while, and then another three.

You are showing your age though, cos when I was in my youth, 7 weeks would not have been anywhere near long enough!


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