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sriracha john

Scotsman Arrested In Thailand For Murder In Scotland

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A very-often-asked question on Thaivisa regarding Thailand.... is now asked in the UK....

Why was he set free?

What has happened to our criminal justice system? Twenty years ago, a person charged with murder would have been remanded in custody until trial, with no question of bail.

Now we learn an individual charged with murder, and who had previous convictions for violence, was released on bail by a High Court judge, only to flee to Thailand (your report, 21 August).

Also, if the charge is for such a serious crime, and he is let out on bail, was wasn't his passport suspended/blacklisted on the computer. That way, he couldn't board an international plane, correct?

It seems a lot of violent criminals run off to LOS to spend their last few days/weeks/months/years of freedom before eventually being caught.

The only way someone could stay on the lam in LOS forever, would be to have unlimited funds in another name and not use a passport, or have a fake passport.

Feel sorry for Thailand as it seems to be the destination for criminals on the run.

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The last preserve for the morally challenged: Thailand.

I have spent the week deciding whether to prosecute

a farhang scumbag for stealing around 20K baht of my stuff.

I have found him with it after 9 months of being told it was sold.

I caught him with it red handed, but had no backup and was in a

venue that would have been destroyed in the process of

taking back my property.

I was about to take it when I was bodily threatened,

by a much younger man in better shape with a known 'street history'.

And shortly later my home and family were threated with 'anihilation' .

In other words to survive a fight with someone I KNOW fights dirty,

I would have had to sacrafice ALL couth and decorum and be extremely viscious.

I don't even like to THINK like that let alone act like that...

I have reciepts for all this stuff and he CAN be found.. BUT the big but ,

is he

a ) Bluffing; and he will just surrender my stuff to the police ,

and forget about it if I don't press charges...

b ) NOT bluffing; and is an amoral or worse, crazy SOB

and will get out on bail and ruin my life here in short order.

If he's bluffing and I see the tourist police and up the chain to local head cops.

I do have respected Thais friends etc as references.

He will have to give the stuff back.

But if he is nutso gets picked up and NOT scooted away for good,

and just released on bail, or he is chased down but nothing is done... h

e is here and pissed off at being put on the police radar screen...

and wanting revenge.

It's a given he refuses to play by any normal moral standards.

Write off 20k baht and worry less,

or try and use the system, while being in the right,

and get my house burned down, my dog killed,

or myself and/or wife run off the road on my bike etc.

By rights this guy has broken enough laws to be kicked out of LOS,

but will that happen before he comes back at me for bursting his bubble,

while out on a penny ante bail,

The only way to ensure he goes bye bye is

more tea money than he stole...

two wrongs don't .... etc.

Love the laws here.

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many thanks srj for updating us on this story.

.... and as philharries says , the human rights laws are used by these cringing scum and their grasping lawyers to evade the courts.

these days in the uk , you have more to fear from the courts by overloading your wheelie bins or insulting a work colleague than violent assault or theft.

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Glad to be of service, tax.

I'm always curious about follow-ups myself and when I came across post #27, it was astounding....

What tragedy for Darcy and all the family... the "system" failed them to the ultimate level.

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Extradition is a lengthy process. It took a year for Canada to get back a murderer from the UK, 2 years for the USA to get back one from Canada, 5 years for an extradition process on Bosnian/Serbian war criminals to be removed from some EU countries.

The country requesting extradition has to demonstrate that the accused is sufficiently implicated and that there is substantive evidence to justify the extradition. There are all sorts of legal delays and appeals that a defense lawyer can present, so don't blame the UK or Thailand for the delay. It's the way the treaties are written.

The question that begs to be asked is how this fellow was able to travel. Why wasn't his passport revoked or at least surrendered?

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