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BANGKOK 21 February 2019 05:27

Has anybody used Uplay while based in the UK

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A mate of mine was taken ill a few months ago while visiting back in the UK and will be  stuck there for a while longer. He uses HDPrime to watch the EPL and I buy True money vouchers and email the numbers to him to renew his package each month. But he only uses HDPrime to watch the EPL so I was wondering if anybody has used their sister (Thai) service, Uplay in the UK? Because, @150 baht per month, it's less than half the price of HDPrime. Is the streaming reliable or does it buffer at times. I've used Uplay at times here in Thailand and it appears to be reasonably stable but is it as good as HDPrime is in the UK? I know that Uplay only offers two alternatives servers as opposed to the seven available with HDPrime but are those two reliable.


He understands that the BEIN Sport commentary will be in Thai but that's not a problem.







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