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Bi Lingual Schools in Krabi

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Hi All,

  I will be due to send my child to school next year and i am looking for opinions and experience with regards to Bi-lingual schools from residents of children. Are the Bi-lingual schools decent? What is the best one out there combining all the factors such as quality of care, experience and professionalism of staff, curriculum, school activities, cost ect???????


I have had a little look and i have read that a lot of expat residents choose the Bi-lingual schools over the International schools  and so i assume that they must be of a acceptable standard. Am i right in this assumption?


All thoughts and experience welcome.


Thank you


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My daughter, half filipina, half american, spent several years in Krabi going to Isaranusorn EP, that had filipina english teachers. She soon became the english teacher at age 7. I do not believe the English programs are worth the money here in Krabi. Darasamuth and British International in Phuket had native English speaking teachers. 


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We are thinking about moving to Krabi from Chiang Mai.  School is always the first to find and the internet has most on international.  Plenty in Chiang Mai but too expensive for what they offer.  Our daughter is in the gifted class at Sarassas and in 8th grade.  American dad and Thai mother. 

School first on the list then golf then housing. 

Any help with any of these is appreciated and I do come to Krabi once a month or so to play on my boat.


Thanks for anyone with any suggestions. 

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