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Measuring Carbs.


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3 hours ago, digger70 said:

You're on the right track ,,,, Keep going

Cheers digger70, I needed that reassurance! But! someone said I ought to substitute Tiger for Singha, and the calories will burn right there, in front of my eyes! Wow! Thanks anyway.

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This is not the way to do.


Stop listening to all the online BS.


The only way to do is to totally quit eating bread, rice, pasta, cereals, etc...


You do not need to add carbs to what will be found in other foods that are not mainly carbs.


A keto diet is also totally stupid and too complicated.


Just QUIT EATING CARBS intentionally, just eat the ones that are found in most other foods, and you won't miss anything or have too much of anything.



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7 hours ago, madusa said:

I am not sure if it works for you but If you stop eating anything made from wheat your weight will come down and remain stable. I stop eating wheat and anything made from wheat flour about 9 months ago feel so healthy now,  my energy level doesn't goes up and down like a yo yo.

At first it is difficult to cut out your favorite foods like for me , it's sourdough bread, french bread, cakes , pastries, pasta . Now I have quite a restricted choice of foods, I can eat anything made from rice flour, or potato flour or potatoes or sweet potatoes(just beautiful sweet potatoes). But after sometime I get used to it. No more longing to eat those wheat made stuffs.

Google Youtube: Dr William Davis  (wheat belly). Perhaps you have already watched it . He is so widely known. At first I didn't believe him but it works no doubt about it. Wheat today is genetically modified so it causes immense amount of problems for a lot of people who eat them.

Good luck... if you manage to lose weight by going wheat less you don't even have to count carb. So simple.


He can quit any carbs without any problem, not only wheat. I also do not eat any pasta, bread, rice since years and it's the best diet that anyone could try.



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6 hours ago, mr_lob said:

Get off the beer and on to any white spirits mixed with diet soda or soda water - thats a big change.

Heaps of carbs in rice and oats - i would try and cut those out if possible. You get carbs from other foods as well - green veg for example.

Couple that with daily moderate exercise and you will see changes


Exactly !

Anyway we do not need carbs at all because the body can get carbs from protein.



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2 hours ago, 4MyEgo said:

One fluid ounce of vodka soda lime is about 64 calories per glass whereas a 330ml light beer ranges from 105 calories and upwards.


I found by not eating breakfast till around 10am is a good way to burn the stored fat, and when I do eat breakfast it's big calorie breakfast, enough to last me till around 5pm where I will have a protein served dinner, lots for fluids during the day to keep the hunger levels down, with a fruit every couple of hours as well.


Now the only thing with the big gap in eating, i.e. 5pm till 10am (17 hours) the following day is that you have to work out a little on your muscles, add a good 30 minute programmed cardio workout and you will lose the kilo's pretty fast. 


Not eating so many hours is far to be smart.


It is more recommended to eat 6 meals a day than only 2.



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On 8/27/2018 at 8:54 PM, chiangrai said:

Thanks,I will try that app.

I have been on google and found that I cup of cooked oats is 33gm of carb

                                                                    I cup of cooked buckwheat is about the same

                                                                    1 cup of white rice is 55gm carb

So 1 cup of any of these is o.k for 1 meal,3 times a day and is quick to measure.

Does that sound right to you.


The next thing I need to do is measure noodles,dried brown rice noodles and fresh rice noodles.I wil probably have to weigh them which won't be as convenient as measuring a cup.

Any ideas...............





Also have a look at My Fitness Pal



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OP, just use the free www.cronometer.com.

enter foods and beverages you would like to eat.

cronometer will show you the content in terms of carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins etc.

you also get to choose your eating model goals.


A recent study showed that keto folk who ate a little carbs lost more weight than zero carb folk. Personally, I think that zero carbs is possibly dangerous.

Just don’t overdo them and avoid all drinks like soda and processed foods.

Can you walk for half an hour daily?

Get a good nights sleep every night.

Eat a variety of foods, mostly from plants.

Not too much protein either.

look at the palm of your hand.

A piece of meat or fish, that size and thickness is all you need per day.

Not Every Meal lol


To gain weight be sure to eat carbs and fat together, so best not do that?


good luck

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9 hours ago, gaff said:


Not eating so many hours is far to be smart.


It is more recommended to eat 6 meals a day than only 2.



Yes that's one recommendation, of many out there, but didn't work for me, one size doesn't fit all, so to speak.


Late breakfast full of calories, fruit every 2 hours, protein dinner (17 hours) before the next meal at 5pm which is full of protein, light weights to stop the muscles from going south, intense cardio work out works for 30 minutes, changing programmes, shreds the kilo's for me.....compared to everything else I have tried.  

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16 hours ago, ruprext said:

Always one that says get onto the spirits! ?

I personally would recommend to eat shark fin soup? everyday followed by unbattered dolphin blowhole, completely carb free. 

How many bottles of vodka over the weekend Marty boy??

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On 8/30/2018 at 4:44 PM, Kurtf said:

Why don't you just get on a Keto diet and eliminate ALL carbs. Our bodies was designed to function as hunter gatherers. Prehistoric man wasn't gathering grains. They were gathering meats, fats, fruits and veggies. Fill up on that. Eliminate everything else and you will lose weight and inches faster than you can say ketosis.

Veggies are carbs. 


You will still need carbs to function, so trying to completely eradicate them is not the aim. Just, as many have posted, get off the breads, pastas, rice etc.

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