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BANGKOK 27 March 2019 05:12

Best Thai language course for retiree.

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I am a young minded 55 years old and active.


I was contemplating going back into business in Thailand but have been talked out of it and I am happy to be doing other things in the UK. from a distance, i.e. over here.


My question is what would be the best Thai course I could move to improve my Thai skills. I did have a private tutor and did at one point learn the consonants and vowels and reading and writing in a  class environment. However, I have not used these skills in a while as my other half speaks good English. I have no problem communicating with the people in Isaarn but wish to be more fluent.


I should really be perfect the amount of time I have lived here so I am a bit ashamed of my laziness. However, in a previous life, business did get in the way quite a lot.


I am already a Thai speaker but I want to perfect these skills to a higher level. I am wishing to do this for myself and for no other reason.


I am based in North East Thailand, so somewhere in this region would be helpful, I don't mind moving to an area whilst a course is ongoing as I am bored and it will give me something to interest myself.


I don't think I will need any visa as I already have a retirement extension for many years.


Any advice is welcome.

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surely Mrs could help you out?   is she deliberately only using English, so as  to indirectly achieve that you will never know what she's saying?



you could learn very quickly if you had to use Thai exclusively to ask her to feed you...

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I already understand her and what she speaks in both Thai and Isaarn, I wish to go to a higher level of learning. She cannot take me there as she never went to University. I can't see her caring about my understanding of what she is saying or not as we have been together 22 years! lol.


Most of her conversation is based on family, her dogs, local gossip, food and Thai TV as well as cooking programmes.


I need more than that.

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