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VIDEO: Speeding Thai minivan driver rages at foreign tourist who told him to slow down


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I took a minivan once, never again. He was obviously high on Yaba, was dodging in and out of traffic at high speed, often unnecessarily. He asked my wife aggressively if I was drunk (one can of luke warm Chang), when I permitted myself a quick gasp at one point.so I'm GUESSING he was a Muslim, my wife thought so.

On the video the guy says "Why worry? No police". That sums it up for many Minibus drivers.

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25 minutes ago, MekkOne said:

Arrest the tourist, and press charge to Sanook for reporting the news!


Unfortunately that does seem to be the first reaction of many Thai officials.


But I wonder if this will change with the proliferation of smart phones and social media?  I have always thought the easy and wide dissemination of this sort of information created serious problems for Thai authorities and gangsters that prey on tourists.


Before, they could deny that this event never happened.  Claim the foreigner was acting unhinged.  Hard to do that now.


Is it any accident that Thailand has a Computer Crimes Act that seems to be designed to stifle dissemination of these sorts of videos?  Is it any accident that truth is not a defense in Thai criminal defamation cases?  


I can see Thai officials and authority figures trying to stifle the dissemination of this sort of information with ridiculous domestic laws rather than addressing underlying problems that give rise to these sorts problems (here, reckless and dangerous driving), but the internet is international and, while I can and do see them expressing tremendous frustration with Facebook, etc. (recall prior failed efforts to "block" Facebook), I can't seem them prevailing. The game has changed.

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1 hour ago, Somtamnication said:

Typical Thais. They agreed with the driver. 

Actually he said: You ok to a foreigner sounding guy and the foreigner sound guy said: I OK. The foreigner doesn't know that vans and their drivers kill. 


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9 minutes ago, mikebell said:

So given the evidence, will the police take this potential homicidal nutter off the road?  Will his company sack him?

They would, if people had the guts to report him (it's always a man) to the company.

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130 kmh is around 80 mph, not that fast, but taking the average driving environment in this blessed country, the fear and subsequent adrenaline rush can make it feel somewhat faster.

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