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Anti-aging Clinic

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I want to get my hormones checked out in an anti-aging clinic or an endocrinologist or at least

get a battery of blood tests done.


Does any body know any where they can recommend.

I was searching online I found clinics recommended in Chiang Rai.I found a clinic in Mae Faa Luang University

but no one recommending it.

I suppose all the hospitals are the same for the quality in blood tests but are any of them cheaper than others.

The government will not do all the tests on demand.


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Not specific to anti-aging but...........

If you're walking, Just East of the main market old / small clock tower a few hundred meters is the government clinic that will do all your blood tests, heart test & xray at Thai prices for everybody. 


Walking: After the clock tower you will see the Post Office on the left & then it's just another 100 or 200 meters on your left.  I believe the street is named Uttaradit Road.  But Uttaradit is a One Way road in that area, so if you are driving these directions will all be reversed. However, I'm not familiar with landmarks to give you if driving.


Go anytime M-F 0800-1600 for info but they want to draw the blood early in the morning approx 0800, and provide results later in the day.  So there is always a big Thai morning crowd but don't let that scare you away. 


Start with the office on the second floor to initially give you all the info you need.  Some of the nurses there speak good English & are eager to help.

If you need things like ultrasound etc they will tell you to go to the main government hospital.

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Thats amaising information.

I have had a few posts on here about getting blood tests done

but no one mentioned this.

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