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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 05:58

Flying to BKK...

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After more than two months exploring northern Thailand, I'll fly from CR to BKK tomorrow. I have a Bromptom folding bike that I'll put in one of those rainbow-colored nylon bags with some luggage straps around it. I also have 2 small bags which were fastened to my bike.


1) Should I book a flight in advance, or just show up a the airport and buy a ticket? (Do you think I can jump right on the next flight around 1:00pm on a Friday?)
2) I'll want to check the bike (in the bag), and one small bag. I'll tell them I have a "wheelchair" in the rainbow bag (it has wheels; you sit on it ? ), to try and avoid paying the penalty for "sporting equipment." 

Is one airline going to charge less for checked bags than another? I forget now, but once in the past (in Krabi, I think), the ticket was pretty cheap, but they nicked me pretty hard for checking my bike (I hadn't thought of telling them it's a wheelchair yet). 

Any other *pertinent* advice?



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