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BANGKOK 21 January 2019 00:33
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muay thai & shadow boxing

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i would like to learn muay thai more,   i did learn some for few months on & off in pattaya but i got tempted to hit the bars and the girls ( usual story )

so now i want to travel to maybe surin or udon thani and learn it proper....but there is one more sticking point and that is i absolutely feel like a prat shadow boxing, every other aspect of muay thai i love the clinching, the pad work /sparring etc but i hate shadow boxing , is there a way around this ? 


also , if i do decide to stay in a big city like BKK or pattaya again are there any other good very physical martial arts i can throw myself into ? 

i am battling with some demons right now and this is the main reason i want to get away and throw myself into something that will take my mind off all my issues and dramas .

i would like to be training everyday , even twice per day,  so please feel free to send me any links / prices etc



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Hi, my name is Lake. I am an American coach and fighter presently living in Hua hin area. If you are still interested in busting demons, gimme a call anytime. <Phone number removed, please use PM function to contact>

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Ever thought of giving road cycling a go ? Yes I know cycling is dangerous here ... But if you want to take your mind of things then pushing yourself on a road bike as you also have to try stay alert to what is happening around you. It’s a great way to focus your mind .... After a few hundred km in the blistering heat .... you will feel like a new man again :-)

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Is there a way around shadow boxing? Not really. I was the same as you man, I felt stupid when I did it in a Bangkok gym for the first time because the gym I came from in oz never really did a lot of it.

Just stick with real simple combos while you get the hang of it, and really relax.
Stuff like jab - push kick
cross - elbow - knee
jab - uppercut - cross

it won't take long for you to get comfortable if you practice simple combos every day. 

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